Friday, January 18, 2013

A New Year

Our first Christmas in our new home was wonderfully smooth and relaxed. We burned a lot of firewood, drank a few too many cocktails and played a lot of board games. We spent the weekend immediately after school ended and immediately before Christmas in Whistler skiing, which was a fantastic choice. It meant that everything that needed to be done had to be done before we left. When we rolled back into town on Christmas Eve, we dropped off our ski gear at home while the kids waited in the car, picked up our bag of gifts for family and drove to my mom's in toques and ski gear. Although we may have been a little stinkier than past years, it turned into a great plan!

Post Festivus we enjoyed some hiking, snowshoeing and a lot of lounging. An ankle I sprained in the fall began to act up again, which slowed us (me) down a little, but it probably wasn't a bad thing.

We even had enough good weather to get into that craziness that we call our garden and start doing some cleaning and dreaming for Spring.

Look at that mess! I anticipate spending a lot of time battling ivy, blackberry and bamboo this year!

Lucas managed to lose ANOTHER tooth about 15 minutes to midnight on New Year's Eve, which has truly left him with an empty mouth. Hysterical. I think a portrait session may be in order soon!

Our dear, dear Pillo is really showing his age this winter. His hearing is deteriorating quickly and we are seeing more bouts of dementia along with a decreased appetite. Except for tired joints and very slow walks, he seems to be out of any pain, so for the time being we will just love him as much as we can and make sure his every day is full of happy.

These are such crappy photos, sorry. They always look great on my iPhone and then I see them on the computer and realize they aren't that great. I'm dreaming of a new camera again...hahaha.. but for now just need to remember to lug around my good one instead of my telephone.

Still holding my kids close... Love to all. xo Ting

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