Monday, February 15, 2010

Today I love my sister and other fun facts

Most days, your sister is just there, kind of like the footstool or that giant pair of clodhoppers parked in front of the door. Sometimes it's in the way, sometimes you notice it and give it some attention, often you just walk right on past. Of course there are also the days you give it a swift kick in the ... heel? just because you can.

Then, there are days you love your sister. And when I mean love... wow, do I mean love. Seriously. Pouring juice for her. Giving her piggy backs. Washing her back in the tub? Checking to make sure her teeth are getting brushed. Getting her pj's out. Tucking her in, and... yup... I hear a song being sung by a doting brother. Sigh... so sweet... too bad it never lasts long!

The above picture illustrates how sommeliers keep wobbly tiles weighted down. The guy below in the chapeau is a really good tiler. I got a new kitchen floor for valentine's day. How romantic.

Argh, I caught meeself a wee lassie. I might make her walk the plank or I might grind her bones to make me bread. For the time being I'll just dry her.

The Herman boys had a go at ice hockey last week. I was having a hard time deciding who was funnier to watch; Scott on ice like a deer on a frozen lake, Rob in his crammed on helmet with six year old boys skating circles around him while he "played hockey with them," or Lucas' valiant attempts that each ended in a harder fall than the last.


Justine said...

I hope the guy in the chapeau got to enjoy that tile weigher downer as a reward for all his hard work, LOL!

Black Jack's Carol said...

One of the best kinds of "concrete" romantic, in my opinion:)

Siblings - such a complex and heartful (my new word for the day) relationship. Great pics - I wonder if your kids are starting to read this blog. I know for sure it will be a treasure for them to explore when they're ready.