Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Couple of Quick Trips

With only a week and a half off between terms, Rob and I decided to make good use of the time by planning a couple of trips. The first was a visit to the Okanagan without the kids. Yup. You heard that right - without the kids. This was the first time we've had a trip just the two of us since we had the little guys. Unfortunately, it was slightly spoiled by the fact that my marks and reports were due on Monday at noon and having finished teaching Friday at 7:30 - they were definitely not finished. That excuse only got me out of one wine tour :P but I did enjoy meeting the owners of Cedar Creek Winery, who also graciously put us up at Greata Ranch. We enjoyed a gorgeous afternoon under the sun tasting their wines, chatting and enjoying some splendid appies.

The next day I had the pleasure to finally meet Heidi and Michael Noble of Joie Winery in Naramata. Rob had been morel mushroom picking with them a few years back and always spoke highly of them and their endeavours. It was interesting to hear about the adventures that led them to where they are today. Again, a fun afternoon of barrel-tasting and good company.

The only photo I took was of the speeding ticket we got on the way there though. Hehehe... good tunes, no kids...

Later in the week we headed south to Larrabee State Park for a little camping excursion. The kids were in their element exploring the animals (man is banana slug slime hard to get off of hands!) They are such great campers; keen to try it all and shy of nothing nature has to offer. Lucas got himself pretty beaten up falling on barnacle-y and slippery rocks as well as totally wiping out on his bike, but he fared well. The tidal pools were amazing and we even saw a deer wandering through the campgrounds. The smores we built were also pretty damn good this time around if I may say so myself! We all came home pooped and stinking like camp fire, but it was great.

Tomorrow we start bike camp for Lucas and Swimming camp for Mia (and me!)

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Black Jack's Carol said...

I'll take your word for it about banana slug slime:) And, I've never seen so many starfish gathered in one place. Amazing how much you managed to fit into a short holiday. Sounds like even reports and a speeding ticket couldn't dampen the good times. I hope swimming and biking camp were fun too.