Monday, September 29, 2008

A pox

A pox on ye who told my son that one could make jelly out of quince. (Was it me?)

We, I mean I, spent a large part of today peeling, coring and boiling itty-bitty sour fruit. You can see how it turned out based on the look on Lucas' face. Yech.


Black Jack's Carol said...

Hi Cristina!

I've been reading your blog every now and then, but have never left a comment. Now that I've started my own blog, I finally get how to post a response.

Your kids are absolutely beautiful, and I love the way you and Rob give them a chance to live life with a "get down and dirty" approach. (I hope that came out sounding okay:) Lucky kids and a fun blog to read. (I still have to go back and read some of your earlier posts.) Hope your kitchen reno is just about completed and that you're happy with the result.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Whoops. I forgot to let you know who I am. It's Carol Carson here, from about a billion years ago:)