Saturday, May 13, 2006


A little late in coming, but a Happy Birthday to Rob who celebrated two weekends ago. We had a very quiet evening together opening his gifts, eating Singapore Style noodles ala Ting, and watching him blow out candles on his ice cream sandwich birthday cake. Then it was off to bed early as my gift was a fishing trip in the morning.

We didn't get that many photos from the fishing (I think we were both a little dopey from taking anti-nauseants in fear of sea-sickness) but this was definitely our favorite. The cats looked positively possessed as they lay waiting to see if they could snag some early morning fishies!

We had a great day out on the lancha with one of my students Cesar and his friend who made us some of the best tiritas we have ever eaten. For those of you who haven't had the chance to come down and try this regional specialty, it is raw fish marinated in lime with lots of chilies and onions. Sooooooo good. We ended up catching four black tuna and two Spanish herring. Very fun. We also got to see the coast from the water and have a swim off of the boat.

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